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Image by Lenin Estrada


Dog sports provide you with the opportunity to bond with your dog while increasing mental and physical stimulation. It's a fun way to train your dog and condition them to look to you for direction. Sporting also allows you to get more involved with your community and socialize your dog. Ensuring that you pick an appropriate sport is essential (not every dog is built for sporting or that particular activity). If you want your dog to participate in one of these sports, it is always a good idea to contact your vet to see if your dog's breed requirements and health match the requirements for the sport of interest (we don't want your dog to get injured); if done properly, dog sports provide many benefits!

  • Agility

  • Disk (Frisbee)

  • Duck Tolling or Retrieving

  • Ski Joring (dog pulls owner on skis) or Mushing (sled dogs)

  • Tracking Trials (scent oriented)

  • Herding Trials

  • Flyball (relay race)

  • Dock jumping (perfect for dogs that love water!)

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COMING SOON: once we get our facility, we are planning to add an agility course that will be available for rent. It will be similar to a gym membership where you can get a pass and use it at any time. You will, however, have to book a time slot so that there are not multiple dogs using it at the same time.

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