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Aggressive dogs are dangerous to everyone, especially the elderly and children. It can be very scary to share a home with a dog who could potentially hurt someone. If you think your dog is exhibiting aggressive behaviour, it is very important to seek help as soon as possible; aggressive behaviours generalize fast, meaning that your dog might start getting aggressive in more and more situations very quickly. If handled incorrectly, someone could get hurt, or even killed. 


It's important to realize that any dog can bite or exhibit aggressive behaviour. It's NOT the breed of dog that causes them to be aggressive or a specific "personality trait" that they have; instead, aggressive behaviour is affected by their conditioning history (what the dog has learned and experienced throughout their life). This is why Guidance analyses why your dog is exhibiting aggressive behaviour. Once we know why aggressive behaviour is happening, we can help create a plan for behaviour change and build a safer environment for everyone.

As with any behaviour, a consultation is required. This ensures that you get the best advice possible that's geared to you, your dog, and the situation you're in. To book a consultation, visit our contact page and talk to our trainer who specializes in aggressive cases.

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