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Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse


A lot of people believe that cats are untrainable, but this is untrue. You can definitely train your cat to exhibit many useful behaviours. Cat training is a great way to bond with your pet and increase vocal control of their behaviour (you no longer have to physically manipulate your cat, which often leads to bites and scratches). It also allows you to condition your cat to take direction from you, while providing mental, and in some cases, physical stimulation (e.g., fetch). Plus, if we want to be honest, it's always nice to show off some cool tricks your CAT can do (people rarely see cats do tricks or behave on cue, so when they do, it's quite impressive)!


Below are some sample behaviours we can help you train. Just know that there are so many behaviours not included that we can train. If you don't see the behaviour you want to train on the list, feel free to call or email us with an inquiry.

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk


This cue can be used to call your cat for their meal or playtime. It can also help you find your cat when they seem to have disappeared. 

Pet Carrier

In Your Carrier

Are you always fighting with your cat to get them in their carrier? If so, this is a good cue to train. It helps you avoid the struggle, plus, it's good in emergency situations where you need to leave the house immediately.

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Use Scratching Post

Training your cat to use their scratching post can save lots of money and prevent frustration (no more shredded furniture, carpets, or valuables). 

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Image by Rémi Rémino


Sit is a fundamental cue that is used to train many other behaviours. It involves training your cat to stay seated in their location until released. This can be useful for vet exams and in many other situations.

Image by River Kao

Wait (or Stay)

"Stay" (your cat stays where they are) can prevent your cat from getting injured (e.g., there's broken glass on the floor or something you don't want your cat to eat or touch). "Wait" (cat waits for you to prepare something) is useful when you feed your cat so that they don't try to eat the food while you're pouring it.

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Bed (or your Spot)

This cue instructs your cat to go to their bed or a designated area. It can be used while you're cooking so that you cat does not jump on the counter or try to take food while you eat. It can also prevent your cat from bolting outside when you open doors.

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