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Dog training is a great way to bond with your dog and increase vocal control of their behaviour (you no longer have to physically manipulate your dog). It allows you to train your dog to take direction from you, while providing mental, and in some cases, physical stimulation (e.g., training agility). Plus, if we want to be honest, it's always nice to show off some cool tricks your dog can do!


Below are some sample behaviours we can help you train. Just know that there are so many behaviours not included that we can train. If you don't see the behaviour you want to train on the list, feel free to call or email us with an inquiry.

Dog Portrait


Sit is a fundamental behaviour that can be used as a foundation for training other behaviours (e.g., "beg"). You can use sit to prevent your dog from jumping up on people or to get them to stay in one area until they are released from that position.

Dog at the Beach


Lying down can be used to train your dog to stay in their bed or in a designated area. The position can also be useful for grooming (e.g., nail clipping) or during times that you need your dog to relax.  

Doggie Stay_edited.jpg

Wait (or Stay)

Getting your dog to remain in one location can save you in sticky situations (e.g., you drop a piece of chocolate on the floor, or there's a squirrel your dog might chase). You can also get your dog to wait while you pour their food so they are not in your way.

A Puppy in Bed

Your Bed (or Spot)

Training your dog to go to their bed/spot can be used in many practical ways. For example, use when you are in the kitchen and don't want your dog to get under your feet, touch the oven, or try to take food. It can also be used to calm dogs when you have guests at the front door, plus way more!

Brown Dog

Leave it

Drop something on the floor that your dog shouldn't eat? Have a dog that puts everything in their mouth while you're out for a walk? "Leave it" is the cue for you! This cue is important as it can save your dog's life if you need them to stay away from something dangerous.

Image by Darinka Kievskaya

Drop and Take it

Nothing should ever be forcibly taken out of a dog's mouth, unless it's an emergency. "Drop" and "take it" can be trained together and can be used to get your dog to release items (e.g., toys, tissues, sticks, etc.) out of their mouth. 



Is there no room for humans on your couch or bed anymore? Teach your dog "off" so that you can easily make space for yourself by getting your dog to jump off. This cue is extremely useful if you have a dog that guards locations like the couch or bed.

Image by Joséphine Menge


Recall is one of the most essential cues you can train. It's great for emergency situations in which you need your dog to come to you ASAP. It's also helpful to call your dog for their meal or playtime.

Brown Dogs

Their Name (or Watch Me)

Attention is extremely important when you are cueing your dog to do something. If your dog is not attending to you, they won't do what you ask. By training them their name, or a "watch me" cue, you can easily get your dog's attention and have better control over their next behaviour.

Training a Puppy

Void on Cue

No one wants to wait forever while their dog carefully picks the perfect spot to eliminate. If you want to speed up the process, training them to void on cue will definitely help.

Dog Walk


Leash pulling can be quite annoying and cause strain on your arm. If you are a small person, and your dog is large, you might not be able to hold them. By teaching your dog to heel, you can have your dog walk nicely beside you and save yourself (and dog) from getting injured or frustrated.

Dog giving a high five

Cool Tricks!

This is the fun part! Once your dog knows the all the essentials, you can start training them cool tricks.  It's always nice to show off a little, right?

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