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Guidance is a pet focused company that specializes in pet training & behaviour consulting. We work with cats and dogs, advising pet parents how to implement management plans for effective behaviour change. Whether you want to train your cat or dog to do something new (e.g., a new trick or behaviour like waiting for their food), or they are exhibiting a problem behaviour (e.g., biting, scratching furniture, snagging food from the dinner table), Guidance is here to help! Our trainer, Sam, is also trained to address "aggressive" cases. For more information about how we can help, check out our services below. After all, we want humans and their furry companions to live the best life paws-ible!



Cat Services

Is your cat scratching your furniture, not using the litter box, or not getting along with a family member? Explore this section if this sounds familiar, or if there is another feline behaviour we can help you with.



Have you just adopted a new puppy, or have a dog that wasn't properly socialized? See how Guidance can help you introduce your pet to people and other animals.


Dog Services

Whether your dog is jumping on people, refusing to come when called, behaving aggressively, or is scared of everything, we are here to help! Click to see which services we offer.


Private Puppy Class

Learn how to train your puppy new cues (e.g., sit) and "manners". Classes are perfect for exposing your dog to various environmental factors while socializing your puppy with other dogs and people. You and your puppy learn to be a team.


Safe Introductions

First impressions are long-lasting, so it's important to "do it right the first time"! Contact us if you're planning to adopt a new pet but don't know how to introduce them to your existing pet. 

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Agility Course


In the future, we plan to add an agility course. As of right now, plans are still in the works.

About Our Training Plans

Everyone knows that our pets deserve the best, but "getting the best" can mean different things depending on the breed and species of your pet. At Guidance, we strive to learn the most about your pet's unique qualities so that we can create programs and training plans that meet their individual needs. This ensures that they not only get the best, but that you can see them at their best too.


Consultations are typically 1 hour long and are always free (they cost you nothing!).

Training sessions: The first training session is an hour - 3 hours long, and is $150.00 + HST. After that, each training session is $55.00 +HST for 30 minutes. If you live out of our service boundary, additional fees may apply (typically around $20 if you're more than 30 mins away from St.Thomas ON).

If you have any questions before or after training sessions, phone calls/texts addressing these are free. We always want to provide clear instructions, so if there is something that you need more clarification on, we will gladly take your call free of charge. We would also be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services or training methods!

Trainer's Story

What started out as a love for animals turned into something so much bigger. Click "Read More" to learn about Sam and the journey that inspired her to become a pet trainer and behaviour consultant.

What We Do

Guidance offers minimally aversive positive reinforcement training for cats and dogs. With the help of a trainer, pet parents can learn how to decrease problem behaviours and increase desired behaviours. To learn more about our training methods, click below.

Contact Us

If you would like to inquire about how we can help you and your pet, or about any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to any questions you might have and can't wait to hear from you!

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