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Dog Walker


Coming together as a community makes a lot of miracles happen. Vets, trainers, rescues/shelters, and countless volunteers work tirelessly to help animals in need every day. At Guidance, we want to be a part of that community and put in the same effort to help as many animals as possible. That is the whole reason our trainer started this company; to help those in need.


If you own a rescue and have some cats or dogs who are in need of help (fostering or training required), we want to help. Please contact us to find out ways we can assist you and give back to the community.


Guidance is always in need of volunteers. If you would like to help out, please contact us for more information. Most of the time, we are in need of people to socialize animals. Volunteers will be put in a monthly raffle to win a prize (check our social media for details).


Check out our Facebook or Instagram page for upcoming events. We love to get involved and share our love for animals with the community. If you have an event and want Guidance there, please feel free to contact us to chat about how we can contribute/participate.

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