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Grey cat playing


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish my cat would stop doing *fill in the blank* "? If you have, you're in the right section! Below is a list of common cat behaviours and what they might look like; please note that your cat may not fit neatly into any of these categories, and that's okay! We always conduct individual assessments and alter our training plans so that they are the most effective for you, your cat, and the situation. For that reason, you must call or email us to book a consultation.


Below, you'll find common behaviour problems you might want to seek our help for. This list is not exhaustive (you might not see your cat's behaviour on the list). This list is only intended to provide you with some sample problems that we can help you with: a consultation is ALWAYS required before any advice can be provided.

Sphinx cat

Scratching Things

  • Sharpening their nails on furniture or carpets

  • Using your leg as a scratching post

Image by Loan

Excessive Vocalization

  • Crying at night

  • Excessive meowing or howling (the cat version)

Image by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot

Voiding Issues

  • Not using the litterbox

  • Marking furniture or other inappropriate items

  • Peeing in sink or shower

Image by Rick T.T.

Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive meowing or crying

  • Not leaving you alone when you come home

  • Self-mutilation

  • Voiding

  • Destroying things (e.g., scratching furniture)

Image by Cyrus Chew

Doesn't Listen

  • Ignores you

  • Looks at you but does nothing (e.g., you say "off" and they don't move)

  • Hisses, swats or "complains" when you ask them to do something

Grey cat playing

Destructive Behaviours

  • Chewing items like cords, metal, cardboard, or plastic

  • Shredding inappropriate items (e.g., the couch)

  • Self-mutilation

Licking Cat


  • Excessively licking, biting or chewing themselves

  • Scratching themselves

  • Ripping out their own fur



  • Hissing or any signs of aggression

  • Puffed tail or piloerection

  • Salivation

  • Hiding

  • Destructive behaviours

  • Not sitting still (always on the move or slinking around)

Cat on Counter

Being TOO Curious

  • Putting paw in your food

  • Jumping on the counter when you're there doing something

  • Knocking glasses off counters

  • Trying to run outside when they are an indoor cat

Caressing a Cat

Attention Seeking

  • Chewing cords or other inappropriate items

  • Vocalizing

  • Being destructive

  • Poking or pawing at you

  • Rubbing against you but never stop until you pet them

  • Biting or clawing

  • Using leg as scratching post



  • Hissing, growling, meowing

  • Biting or nipping

  • Scratching, swatting, or batting or kicking

  • Baring teeth

  • Piloerection or dilated pupils

  • Typical "Halloween cat" pose

  • Guarding people, places, toys or food

Cat Drinking Coffee

Other Issues

  • Stealing food off your plate

  • Won't go in carrier/crate

  • Cat wasn't socialized at all or was poorly socialized

  • Fighting with other animals 

  • Can't groom them (e.g., brush, or clip nails)

  • Many, many, more...

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